Area Man Exhausted, Dizzy After Climbing Six Flights of Stairs in New Addison Street Parking Garage



by Dave Noble, “Your Neighbors and Your Neighborhoods” Beat Writer

ELMHURST – Metra rider and Elmhurst resident Joe Woodson likes exercise. The 32-year-old volunteer fire fighter and former Navy Seal works out daily at the YMCA before riding the train to Chicago for work. But his recent decision to unnecessarily park on the very top of the new six level Addison street parking deck has him questioning his own health.

“There was plenty of parking available on the fourth level when I drove into the garage the other day,” said Woodson, who refuses to use elevators. “There was even one spot on the second level for compact cars that I could have easily fit my Durango into. So I had a couple of opportunities to avoid this.”

Woodson said going down the stairs was a lot easier, but he became fatigued once reaching the fifth level on the way up later in the day.

“I almost dialed 9-1-1 on my phone, but instead I called my doctor to schedule a check-up.”

Woodson made it to his vehicle safely after resting for a few minutes.

From the inception of the parking garage last year through its opening earlier this month, the parking garage has been a hot topic around Elmhurst.



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