Elmhurst Mayor Pushes for Helipad Atop City Hall


by Dave Noble, City News Editor

CITY HALL, ELMHURST – Members were astonished during last Monday’s City Council meeting when Elmhurst Mayor Steve Morley interrupted roll call and proclaimed his desire for a helicopter landing platform to be built on top of City Hall.

“Geographically, Elmhurst is a large town,” said Morley in a telephone interview on Tuesday. “Sometimes I have to drive to the north end for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, double-back to the VFW for another scheduled appearance, and then stop at the police department for my regular meeting with the police chief. I need a more efficient way to travel around the city.”

The Mayor also pointed to his fondness for Portillo’s beef sandwiches and personal dry cleaning pick-ups as a supporting reasons for the helipad.

“I’ll buy the helicopter with my own money,” said the Mayor. “I’ve seen a few on Craigslist, and they’re reasonably priced. My backyard is big enough to keep it at my house.”

Elmhurst resident Shirley McCloud, who lives on the same block as the mayor, stopped short of saying she is 100% behind the idea.

“I support anything that helps our mayor perform his job better,” said McCloud. “But there are a bunch of cable TV wires crossing over all of our backyards. And I will be pretty upset if I have to switch to Direct TV because of this.”

At least one alderman (who wishes to remain anonymous) voiced concern over the mayor’s thinking. “First of all, who’s going to fly the damn thing? I’ve seen him watching instructional guides on You Tube. But that’s all He know about flying a helicopter.”

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