Tips for Success in Elmhurst eSales Groups


by Dave Noble, Elmhurst Funion Weekender: Features, Profiles and Advice Columns for Elmhurst residents 

Making money off of old clothes, kids toys and household items on the Internet isn’t limited to nationally-recognized websites like eBay and Craigslist.  These days, thousands of people use Facebook groups created for selling and purchasing things from members of the same community.  Popular local groups include Elmhurst Area eParents, Elmhurst, IL Moms, and Elmhurst eDad Selling Stupid Stuff.

But what can you do to highlight your pieces and outshine the competition?  The Elmhurst Funion Weekender interviewed more than a dozen of our town’s bestselling and most-profitable eSellers to compile a list of tips and trade secrets that will help you unload your items faster and earn extra cash:

  • UTILIZE terms like “slight” and “minor” and phrases like “barely used” and “needs some TLC” to describe items with major damage.
  • ACCEPT private message offers from people willing to pay more than those who have commented “Interested” in your post.
  • CLAIM ignorance of group rules when bumping your post hourly or trying to sell something you found in your neighbor’s unlocked shed.
  • SHARE heartbreaking anecdotes about merchandise priced at $200 or above to represent sentimental value.
  • DISSUADE potential buyers from checking with their spouse before purchasing large pieces of furniture.
  • REMOVE pets, ashtrays and empty liquor bottles from the background when taking photos of things you are selling.
  • REFRAIN from reselling items for profit in the same group from which you purchased them.
  • OBTAIN the workplace address or church membership location of no-show buyers and arrive unannounced to finalize sales.

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