New Flavored Gelatin Shop at Former Plass Appliance Building Could Make Elmhurst a ‘Dessert Destination’

by Dave Noble, Your Business is Our Business Beat Writer
ELMHURST – With teardown complete, and construction just underway, the developer for the space at the former Plass Appliance building has already leased the entire ground level of the future three-story building to a local entrepreneur who plans to open the city’s first flavored gelatin shop.

“This is exciting news,” said Visitors & Tourism Advisory Committee member Joan Zarumba. “We already have a ton of places around town to buy ice cream, frozen yogurt, candy and other dessert items. But there’s still a gap in the market for flavored gelatin. When it opens, I think we can start marketing Elmhurst as ‘Chicagoland’s Dessert Destination’.”

Despite the history of failed cake, candy, cookie and frozen dessert stores in Elmhurst, “The Jellow Fellow” owner Pete Kontos is confident that his business in the sprawling 8,000 square foot space will be around for decades to come. “Everyone loves gelatin. Children, teens, adults,” said Kontos, who plans to hire up to 30 full-time employees. “This is a can’t-miss concept.”

While still months away from opening, Kontos is already beginning to develop the menu. “We will have both lime and cherry,” boasted the Villa Park resident, who plans to come up with a few more flavors down the road. “Customers will be able to choose from a small cup, a large cup, or a kids cup. And for larger groups and catering, we’ll sell small, medium and large pans of gelatin.” Business hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day of the week. “I think a lot of Metra riders will stop in for some gelatin on their way to the train,” added Kontos.

The green and red flavored products will be made fresh daily in the store from a secret recipe developed by Kontos himself. No fruit or whipped toppings will be offered, as they “ruin the integrity of the gelatin.”

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