New Details Emerge from Proposed ‘Downtown Plan’

by Dave Noble, City News Editor

ELMHURST – Information from various sources indicates that a climate-controlled glass dome, a monorail system and an open-air museum at Wilder Park dedicated to former mayors and city officials are among the recommendations that will be presented next week by planning consultants Houseal Lavigne at a public hearing for the proposed Elmhurst Downtown Plan.

“Elmhurst is ready for a dome,” said community leader Beverly Wilcox, who is scheduled to speak at the City Hall meeting on February 25th.  “We want to see a lot of diversity in the types of businesses and entertainment opportunities in the downtown area.  But having the city blocked off from neighboring towns will ensure that Elmhurst doesn’t become too diverse.”

While details for the proposed monorail are not yet clear, sources say that the consultants hired by the city have already targeted “Yogaland” and “Candyland” as two existing destinations for riders.  An additional downtown station between Gem Comics and the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club called “Yesterdayland” is also being considered.

“Think of all the marketing and merchandising opportunities we would have with a monorail,” said one Elmhurst alderman, speaking on the condition of anonymity.  “We could hire someone like Morgan Freeman to do pre-recorded announcements along the way, and we could sell souvenir shirts and hats at all the stations.”  

Houseal Lavigne did not return a call Tuesday evening seeking comments on the reports.

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