City Braces for Population Surge from Condo and Apartment Construction

by Dave Noble, City News Editor

ELMHURST – Large-scale condominium and apartment development in downtown Elmhurst is expected to triple the city’s population over the next ten years and will require some innovative planning to meet the needs of an estimated 80,000 new residents, according to a study conducted by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

While Elmhurst officials eagerly await the increase in property and sales tax revenue from over-populating the town, issues like infrastructure, logistical concerns and the obvious need for additional yoga studios will test the patience and stamina of various city departments.

“There are countless pieces to this puzzle,” said City Manager Jim Grabowski.  “First of all, we’ll have to build another parking garage.  Or two.  And then we have to consider alternative transportation options for people to get around town, like zip lines or a subway system.”

Appeasing current and future residents is also in the forefront for city officials, as initial discussions to replace the YMCA with an elementary school and the construction of a playground atop Community Bank of Elmhurst have already taken place.

Planning strategies for the dramatic rise in population were accelerated recently with the announcement of a massive 1,200 unit apartment building at 100 N. Addison Street, scheduled to replace the building formerly occupied by U.S. Bank.  Developers are hoping that Elmhurst will continue to embrace new multi-family dwellings, and are working with the city to find more apartment and condo location opportunities.

“We have identified several more places near the downtown area where condos or apartments could go,” said David Carlins of Magellan Development Group.  “I think we can fit a high rise in Wilder Park, for example.”

The Elmhurst City Council is scheduled to share proposals for further development during its regularly-scheduled meeting on March 21st at City Hall.

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