Elmhurst Mom At Wits’ End After First Day of Spring Break

by Dave Noble, The Elmhurst Funion Weekender Editor 
ELMHURST – Envious of vacationing friends and fraught with anxiety over how to entertain her children over the next nine days, local mom Chandra Hudson told reporters Friday night she felt “exhausted” and “slightly deranged” after spending the first day of Spring Break cooped up with her three kids in their north Elmhurst home.

“We’ll have about 30 seconds of enjoyment followed by 30 minutes of crying at Saturday’s Easter Egg hunt, and then the kids will be on a sugar high all day Sunday with their Easter candy,” said Hudson, sweeping Legos and Shopkins under the living room couch and letting off an occasional “sigh” when glancing up at House Hunters International playing on the television.  “After that, I have to figure out what the hell we’re going to do for seven more days.”

With a limited budget, cold weather in the forecast, and her husband suspiciously scheduled to work a lot of overtime next week, Hudson vows to make the best of it.

“I’ll probably take the kids over to Chuck E. Cheese’s at least once or twice,” continued Hudson, who stated that liquor service was a determining factor between various local indoor amusement options.  “All of my friends are at Disney World and other international vacation spots.  And the only places I have to look forward to going are the library and Costco.”

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