Breaking: Ace Hardware Associate Begrudgingly Places Snow Blowers Back on Display


by Dave Noble, City News Editor 

ELMHURST – Moments after opening for business at 8:00 a.m. this morning, First Street Ace Hardware Lawn and Garden Associate Luke Bingham was ordered to immediately pull all patio furniture, gas grills and other Outdoor Living items from the front sidewalk and replace them with snow blowers.

“It’s supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow,” said Bingham, angrily pushing a four-wheel cart full of lawn seed and fertilizer toward the stock room.  “The snow isn’t even sticking to the ground.”

Despite earning the same hourly wage during his scheduled six-hour shift today regardless of what he is asked to do at the store, Bingham stated that he’s simply more comfortable working with spring and summer items like planters and pest control.

“I was planning on putting together two bird houses this morning and stringing some patio lights down Aisle 3,” added Bingham.  “Frankly, I haven’t had the proper training to sell snow blowers.”

Store Manager Tony Martz was unavailable for comment.

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