Elmhurst Mom Still Uncommitted as Deadline Arrives for Discounted Pool Passes

by Dave Noble, City News Editor

ELMHURST – Local mom and family “Master of Coin” Jill Garvey told reporters gathered this morning around the koi fish pond in the backyard of her Bonnie Brae home that she still hasn’t decided whether or not she will purchase park district pool passes for her household of five before the $20 discount per family member ends today, as she continues to “crunch the numbers” and weigh the pros and cons of spending her summer hanging out at Elmhurst’s swimming pools and water spray park.

“If I don’t buy the passes, it will cost $32.00 each time we go to Smalley or East End Pool,” said Garvey, who is confident that she can save money by asking her youngest daughter to play the part of a 2 ½ year-old for the third consecutive summer.  “And we always end up spending more money at the pool on top of that.”

Noting inevitable monetary costs for Jolly Rancher Bomb Pops and Sponge Bob Square Pants Ice Cream Bars – along with “Big Squirt” refillable water toys from The Hub at Berens Park that will break or become lost within 15 minutes – Garvey also listed non-financial factors like unsolicited conversations with other moms and a strong “no alcohol” policy for the case against getting the summer passes.

“If I can’t fit into my new bathing suit, then for sure I’m not going to a public pool this year,” continued Garvey, referring to the La Blanca Caged Strap one-piece she purchased at Nordstrom in February as a motivational tool to prepare for summer.  I might just buy a ‘Slip ‘N Slide’ and a $4.99 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Walmart instead.”   

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