Former York Students Topple Local Frat in Elmhurst Cycling Classic 

by Dave Noble, City News Editor

ELMHURST – Overcoming inexperience, a mid-race injury to its best rider, and the disdain of their peers and other community members, a team of recent York High School graduates racing under the name “The Cutters” edged Team Lambda Chi Alpha of Elmhurst College Friday night to win the 4th Annual Elmhurst Cycling Classic.

Captained by Dave Stoller – who rode all but three laps and is the only rider from the team who had any previous racing experience – The Cutters came back to win after Stoller was injured in a crash that forced teammates “Mike”, “Cyril” and “Moocher” unwillingly into the race.  With his feet taped to the pedals of the bicycle, Stoller reentered the contest and passed Lambda Chi Alpha’s Evan Murphy on Prospect Avenue within 100 yards of the finish line, winning the final race of the Cycling Classic, which took place in front of hundreds of cheering spectators around Elmhurst College and Wilder Park.

“This is a great day for all the Elmhurst kids who don’t have the money to attend college,” said Ray Stoller, who owns a local used car lot and is the proud father of Dave Stoller.  “They call these kids ‘Cutters’ because instead of going to college, they’ll probably go to work cutting limestone in the Elmhurst Quarry, like a lot of their fathers did.  But today they’re champions!”

The daylong Cycling Classic began at 11:00 a.m. Friday with races in serveral categories, including the innagural “City Aldermen Big Wheel 500” and the “Family Fun Bike Parade”, where families were encouraged to decorate themselves or their bikes for a fun ride around the actual race course.

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