Elmhurst Mom Limps Reluctantly Into Back-To-School Shopping Mode

by Dave Noble, Your Neighbors and Your Neighborhoods

ELMHURST – Sluggishly searching the black market for a Sixth Edition Trigonometry textbook and a Spanish 3 ¡Exprésate! workbook through a York High School parents Internet group, Elmhurst mom Stacey Mitchell told reporters gathered around the breakfast nook table in her East Cayuga Avenue home Sunday morning that she’s short on time, money and enthusiasm when it comes to preparing for the looming new school year and suggested that some or all of her four children will be forgoing their “My School Bucks!” meal cards this year in favor of traditional sack lunches.

“Why didn’t I just order the damn school supply boxes?” asked Mitchell rhetorically, momentarily forgetting her pledge earlier this summer to save money on necessary school supplies by driving around to 8 or 9 stores instead of buying the nearly all-encompassing kits through a school district-endorsed web site. “Where am I going to find purple and orange plastic pocket & pronged folders this late in the game?”

Acknowledging a blown summer recreational spending budget impacted mostly by squandering “about $50” each week at the York Theater $1 admission Wednesday Morning Movie Series, Mitchell said that her family will have to stretch every dollar between now and the start of the school year. 

“She’s normally prepared for things like this,” said husband Wes, who added that he fell “significantly short” in his own effort to complete the school supply lists with a spur-of-the-moment trip to West Suburban Office Products on Friday but “hit a home run” just hours later at Target with the purchase of a dozen 22 oz. cheese balls containers for lunch snacks. “I just hope that we have enough time to label all the school supplies.”

At press time, Stacey Mitchell was seen distracting her kids in order to discretely remove a prominently-placed Groupon for Santa’s Village from the refrigerator door.

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