Breaking: Morning Storm Spoils “First Day” Photos for Emerson School Mom

by Dave Noble, City News Editor 
ELMHURST – Hastily searching the App Store through her iPhone 6S Plus for a minimally-priced photo editing software program, local resident and Emerson Elementary School mom Holly Abate told a handful of soaked reporters squeezed inside the backyard gazebo at her W. Fay Avenue home Thursday that heavy rain over Elmhurst earlier in the morning ruined all of her “first day of school” photos that were to be posted on social media sites and emailed to her parents in Boca Raton, Florida.

“We never catch a break,” said Abate, who noted that last year’s pictures of her son starting his first day of school were tarnished by a poorly executed “frohawk” he received a day earlier. “And on top of having to walk into school drenched from the rain, he’s going to be really upset at lunch time when he realizes I forgot to pack his juice bag.”

Describing the details of a hectic morning at her home that began with her son spilling a full bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios onto the living room floor during an episode of “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn”, Abate told reporters that a photo session of her son inside the house was “off the table”.

“The maid doesn’t come until Friday,” lamented Abate, who added that she didn’t realize just how hard it was raining until she successfully petitioned her son to stand in the driveway for a few “quick pics” before driving him to school in her Honda Odyssey. “And I haven’t even started to clean up the house before she comes to clean my house.”

At press time, Abate was trying to decide whether she should use the best photo from this morning or Photoshop a backpack onto her son’s shoulder from a picture taken in front of her home earlier this summer.

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