Local Woman Already Regrets Not Checking with Husband Before Making Large eCommunity Purchase


by Dave Noble, Your Neighbors and Your Neighborhoods Beat Writer 

ELMHURST – Dragging the last cedar side panel from a mostly-disassembled gazebo across the driveway and into her backyard, Elmhurst resident and stay-at-home mom Amy Willingham told reporters Wednesday afternoon that she probably should have checked with her husband first before spending $600 on the oval-shaped 10 ft. x 14 ft. backyard structure, purchased from another woman in a local buy, sell and trade Facebook group.

“(Husband) Greg is going to be home any minute, and I think he might be mad when he finds out that I just bought this thing out of nowhere,” said Willingham, shooting quick glances toward the end of the driveway each time a car passes by her W. McKinley Avenue house.  “But gazebos like this cost $3000 brand new, so I know I got a good deal.”

Willingham reported that it took her eight trips to the seller’s north Elmhurst home and nearly half of the day to load pieces like support posts, fascia trim and roof braces in and out of her minivan.

“He’s going to notice these scratches I made on the passenger side door,” stated Willingham.  “And I just remembered that we have to go back there later tonight and pick up the second tier of the gazebo.  So yeah, he’s definitely going to lose his shit.”